Sirens ASC, being the club that won most gold medals during Easter Meet 2018


The ASA of Malta organised the 25th Guess Easter International Swim Meet between the 5th and 7th April.  This year’s event saw the participation of 367 swimmers, with 271 athletes registered with local clubs and the rest coming from clubs registered in the Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Poland, Sweden, Lebanon, Slovenia, Italy and Luxembourg. 

The meet was run to high standards especially because this was the first ever meet hosted in Malta that had the status of a FINA Qualifying Event.  In this respect FINA qualified Referee, Ms. Mireille Zimmer, and Starter, Mr. Roland Kolb, were brought over to Malta to officiate the event.

All participating swimmers have done their outmost to perform to their best abilities.  In particular, Falzon Young Francesca, Pawley Name Hayley, Umnov Michael and Spiteri Rudi have distinguished themselves by breaking National and Easter Meet Records.

For this particular event, being the 25th Edition, the ASA presented a Trophy to Sirens ASC, being the club that won most gold medals during the event.  For this year the trophy was named after Dr Michael Gialanze in recognition of the sterling work he carried out during the many years of service to the ASA, in particular the setting up of the first Easter Meet 25 years ago.

Well done to all coaches, parents and swimmers.


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