Presentation – Postponed to Sat 18th at 2pm

Certificate and Medal Presentation 18th September at 1400 hrs

Sirens ASC have the pleasure to invite you for the Medal and Certificate Presentation on Friday 18th September at 1400 hrs.

When the swimmers step up on the podium to receive their medals at the end of the summer ceremony, make sure to be there to share in their excitement.

At the end of the ceremony, a party is held with the help of parents and participants who bring drinks and food items to share during this event.

Parents are asked to contact Ms.Glorianne Borg on 99467755 or by email [email protected].

Should you require any additional information or in the case of any queries do not hesitate to contact our Swimming Head Coach Davina Mangion on [email protected] or 99805080.

We look forward to seeing you all for winter lessons

The event which originally scheduled for Friday 17, 1800 hrs has been postponed to SATURDAY 18th SEPTEMBER at 1400 hrs.


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