Andrew Chetcuti

Through the years our club has always attached great importance to the teaching of swimming to its youngest members. The swimming school was started by the late Carmel Abela in the early seventies, who gathered the children who used to swim at the club, and started instruction in proper swimming techniques.

The school has since grown, more so over the past few years when parents have come to realise the importance and benefits of swimming. From its humble beginning with just a few boys who trained for a few summer weeks the school has grown to a year round activity using the Sirens pool in summer and heated pool at Ta’ Qali and Tal-Qroqq during the winter months.

The school is run by qualified instructors and attracts close to two hundredchildren with ages ranging from five years to sixteen years. In summer, the school organises three meets during which the children and their parents can measure the progress they are making. Competition is keen although a spirit of friendship and camaraderie reigns throughout.

It is now the ambition of the current sub-committee that runs the swimming school to take the level of the school one step further and compete regularly at national level.

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