Big Boys march on

In the second weekend of the BOV national water polo league the top 4 teams kept the pace at the top to win all their games.

On Friday, Exiles were on the way to upset Sirens, but could not keep the pace in the last session which they lost 5-2. This was a much better performance for Exiles who suffered a severe defeat against Neptunes a week earlier and sterling show by Siren’s Varga who netted 7 goals

Sirens Ritter Sports 13 – Exiles Jet Services 10
(2-3), (4-4), (2-1), (5-2)

Sirens: Sammut J, Attard A, Caruana L, Borg P (2), Spiteri Staines J, Mock R, Varga T (7), Cutajar D, Borg J, Zammit C, Vasovic Y (1), Zammit D, Mercieca C (3)

Exiles: Borg Cole A, Rizzo Naudi J (1), Rizzo Naudi K (1), Bonca C (2), Sullivan T, Calleja M, Paris J (1), Grixti K, Fenech J, Cousin A (3), Vassallo S, Cini S, Lanzon K (2)

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