Falzon Young sets 5 National Records


This weekend we saw Francesca Falzon Young doing amazingly well in all the swims she took part at the Speedo Short Course Meet in Dubai.

Basically she managed to do another 5 National Records.


The complete list goes as follows:


Day 1:  Event   7:   Girls 11&O   50m Backstroke     30.10 (previously of Mya Azzopardi) Preliminaries


Day 2:  Event 21:   Girls 11&O 200m Freestyle     2:06.56 (previously 2:07.77 of Francesca) HDW


Day 2:  Event 31:   Girls 11&O  50m Butterfly          29.37  (previously   29.38  of Nikki Muscat) Preliminaries


Day 2:  Event 35:   Girls 11&O 100m Freestyle       57.35  (previously   57.99  of Nikki Muscat) Preliminaries


Day 2:  Event 31:   Girls 11&O  50m Butterfly          28.91  Finals


Congratulations Francesca


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